Employees Matter Report Released

Our new report, “Employees Matter: Maximizing Company Value Through Workforce Engagement,” profiles two dozen fast growing entrepreneurial firms that utilize employee ownership and engagement strategies which their executives say are closely linked with improved business performance.  We use these company profiles to frame and illustrate ten best practices for engaging employees at all levels for increased business success. 

We chose companies that are less known but that have great stories to tell about how they engage all team members for maximum business success. These strategies are of critical importance with today’s well-informed, creative workforce.

The companies profiled in Employees Matter represent a range of sectors and geographies across the United States. They range from 50 to 3,500 employees and have average revenues of $35 million. Seven are venture backed, and all but three have entry-level employees.  All of the companies profiled have low employee turnover and very high customer satisfaction rates and strong year-to-year customer retention.  Ten of them describe ways that employee engagement practices directly helped them survive and sometimes even thrive during the recession.

Among the companies featured in the report are Advanced Circuits, Better World Books, CleanScapes, Dancing Deer Baking Co., Full Sail Brewing Co., Namaste Solar, PrintingForLess.com, Red Door Interactive, Redwoods Group, SmartPak Equine, Southern Energy Management, and Tweezerman.

Two top employee engagement strategies detailed in Employees Matter are communicating the company’s core values clearly and consistently and sharing ownership broadly via stock options, restricted stock, ESOPs, or co-ops. 

The full report is available electronically at www.employeesmatter.org, and hard copy reports will soon be available for purchase at www.Amazon.com.

Please take a look at let me know what you think!