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Anne Claire Broughton

The SJF Institute Engage Employees blog offers best practices and interesting articles to help entrepreneurs build strong teams of fully engaged employees.

Genuine Wealth - What Really Matters

Tuesday, 10/06/2009 00:23  |  by Anne Claire Broughton

SJF Advisory Service’s Beyond Paycheck-to-Paycheck report (currently being updated) describes the ways that innovative companies create and promote asset building opportunities for their employees through such initiatives as profit sharing, broad based stock options, and providing access to financial literacy or savings programs.   When we came across Bainbridge Graduate Institute Professor Mark Anielski’s writing on “genuine” wealth, it provided a p

Evergreen Laundry

Tuesday, 09/29/2009 22:47  |  by Anne Claire Broughton

An intriguing new green jobs and employee engagement project is under development in the University Circle neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. Evergreen Cooperative Laundry is an innovative economic development initiative that combines private investment, New Market Tax Credits, and philanthropic support in an effort to build long-lasting community assets in an area that has been hard-hit by joblessness and poverty, while simultaneously helping to “green” the health care industry.

SJF Employee Financial Stability Webinar Offers Solutions

Wednesday, 07/15/2009 15:27  |  by Anne Claire Broughton

Yesterday afternoon, SJF was pleased to host an Employee Financial Stability Webinar. This hour-long session allowed four presenters to give tips on how best to help workers improve their financial standing. This topic is particularly pertinent today, as the United States wades through a troubling recession. As a result, many families struggle to stay afloat financially. Fortunately, our presenters offered lots of best practices and other useful information designed to help businesses assist their employees.


Monday, 07/13/2009 21:47  |  by Anne Claire Broughton

Welcome to SJF Advisory Services’ “Engage Employees” blog! This site will focus on workforce engagement and compensation tools and techniques that, along with a strong company culture, can help employers decrease employee turnover and increase profits. We hope industry research and success stories will inspire you to support or expand employee engagement initiatives in your businesses or sectors