2011 Green Jobs Award Now Accepting Applications


SJF Institute is currently looking for private companies based in the US whose innovations are preserving or enhancing environmental quality while creating great green jobs. Help us accelerate the growth of innovative green job creators and demonstrate the potential of the green economy for all communities. 

Apply now for the nationally recognized Green Jobs Award or nominate a leading green job creating company.

For this post, we'd like to feature one award winner from last year - E Light Wind and Solar. This commercial electric construction company is a leader in green job creation.

2010 Winner Spotlight: E Light Wind and Solar
Investing In Your Workforce

E Light Wind and Solar, founded in 1998, is an Englewood, CO- based commercial electrical construction company with a focus on large-scale electrical systems. The firm, which expanded from a traditional electric contractor to an alternative energy contractor in October 2009, serves the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. Their most innovative program is a four year completely funded Electric Apprenticeship Program which combines on-the-job experience with structured class time. The firm has added alternative power curriculum for all apprentice electricians and will add training this year to help prepare employees for certification in alternative energy design and installation.

In addition to receiving the national Green Jobs Award, E Light Wind and Solar was profiled in The American Business Journal in March for its fast growth and innovation. E Light President and CEO Perry Herrmann says in the article that the firm's 175 highly engaged employees are key to E Light's success. "Everyone takes ownership of the company from apprentice to supervisor, " he explains. 

If you know a company like E Light Wind and Solar that should be recognized as a leader in green job creation, nominate them today at www.greenjobsaward.org/apply.

Read more about the ten winning companies from last year at www.greenjobsaward.org/2010winners.

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