Brookings Releases Green Jobs Assessment

The definition of a "green job," until recently, has been a moving target, defined in different ways in various regions across the U.S., but always promising to play a role in economic revitalization. Now Brookings, in conjunction with Battelle’s Technology Partnership Practice, has developed a detailed database of company-level employment statistics pertaining to what they say is a "sensibly defined assemblage of clean economy industries in the United States and its metropolitan areas." Titled Sizing the Green Economy: A Green Jobs Assessment, the report validates much of what we knew about the green economy, including that it is manufacturing-intensive, creates a lot of good paying  low- to medium-skilled  jobs for people who really need them, and tends to occur in geographic clusters (i.e., solar photovoltaic in Los Angeles, fuel cells in Boston, and wind in Chicago). Also, Durham-based SJF was glad to see that the South has the largest number of clean economy jobs. Read the full report.