Building the Momentum for Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship

Dr. Robert WallaceJoin us as we welcome Dr. Robert Wallace, President and CEO of BITHENERGY as the lunchtime keynote speaker on September 14 at the SJF Summit on the New Green Economy. Dr. Wallace is an accomplished entrepreneur who will share his lessons learned in the founding and operation of three companies, BITHENERGY, LLC, BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc. and Entreteach Learning Systems, LLC in the green economy.

BITHENERGY is an award-winning renewable energy consulting firm which provides engineering and technical services to assist government, corporations and residential clients in maximizing the business value and efficiency of each unit of energy that is produced and consumed by the enterprise. Dr. Wallace is also a distinguished author and one of his upcoming books is titled Green Gold: Leveraging Alliances and Partnerships in the Green Economy.

SJF SummitWatch the video interview below highlighting the role of entrepreneurs to put capital to use to create green jobs.