Day 2 of SJF Summit

We are starting Day 2 of the SJF Summit.


Today features opening remarks by Henry McKoy, Assistant Secretary for Community Development at the State Department of Commerce,a plenary session on the People part of the triple bottom line, a series of breakout panels, and closing remarks by David Orr of the Oberlin Project.  Anne Claire Brougton just delivered a talk on her upcoming Employees Matter Report, which deeply studied 16 companies who have used employee engagement strategies to improve their performance.

The plenary was an in-depth conversation with three of the entrepreneurs profiled in the report. They discussed their employee practices and were very honest about what worked and what didn't. The final keynote, delivered by Oberlin professor David Orr, challenged SJF Summit attendees to take on reversing climate change as the great work of our current generation. A notable quote: "Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up." -- Joel Thomas