Promote Your Favorite Green Jobs Creator


Don’t miss your opportunity to nominate your favorite green jobs creating company! Private for-profit companies located in the U.S. with at least ten employees and $500,000 in annual revenue in the last year are eligible for the 2011 Green Jobs Award.  Nominations are being accepted through May 31 online at

2010 Winner Spotlight: Sellars Absorbent Materials

An Innovative Company in a Traditional Industry

We were proud to celebrate Sellars as one of our green job creators last November. This company, headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, manufactures and markets multi-use disposable towels, wipes, and absorbents for commercial and consumer use. Operating since 1985, the company has been able to compete successfully with much larger firms using what Sellars terms Green Innovation™ - leveraging its proprietary technology to use waste raw materials to create higher performing products at lower prices. Their key value proposition is the use of recycled and waste materials, including newsprint, base paper, and cotton waste destined for the landfill, as the raw materials in its high-performing products.

Sellars’ more than 115 diverse employees, representative of the communities in which it is based, are central to the firm’s success, along with its strong workplace culture. A key part of that culture is the belief that in order to innovate, all employees must share a common understanding of the company’s vision and strategy.

If you know an company with green innovations in a traditional industry, nominate them today for the 2011 Green Jobs Award!