Who’s Coming to the SJF Summit

Networking is always a key part of any event, so we wanted to give a sense of who has registered so far for the SJF Summit on the New Green Economy.

The most common job titles of attendees are CEO, COO, Managing Partner, President, Principal and Director.

As of right now, our registrants break down into the following categories:

Business:  56.92%
Capital:  12.31%
Community (economic developers and community groups):  10.77%
Government: 9.23%
Academia: 10.77%

We are targeting new channels to increase registration from the capital and community categories.

The registrants hail from as far as CA and as close as Durham, NC.  The event will feature attendees from well known names such as Kleiner Perkins, Bank of America, the EPA and the MacArthur Foundation as well as a host of up and coming entrepreneurs.

We are enthusiastic about those who are attending and what they will accomplish from being in the same room.  Evelyn Contre, Managing Director of Springleaf Strategies, and one of last year’s SJF Summit attendees, said,  “I make a point to attend SJF Events and the Summit because I make valuable business connections, meet like-minded people, and always learn something new.”  This is a standard we are excited to keep!