SJF Institute connects sustainable entrepreneurs and the fields that support them

We bridge traditional gaps between entrepreneurs, investors, economic developers, policymakers, and community leaders; we do this daily and through periodic convenings.

Our national and local events include bi-monthly CleanLinks networking gatherings in New York and Durham, NC. We also host online social communities and make direct introductions. Our efforts grow the fields of sustainable business employee engagement, green jobs, and impact investment.

Story Spotlight: Connect

We make connections that shine

Helios Coatings
Canton, Ohio

Helios Coatings is a company that shines—literally. They produce an environmentally friendly metal coating system for use on car wheels and trim that replaces the conventional—and highly toxic—chrome plating process. Venture Advisor David Griest visited the company’s manufacturing facility (located in a formerly abandoned publishing plant) and discussed financing plans with Helios CEO Mark Leininger. SJF Institute went on to feature Helios at a Cleantech CEO Panel and to invite them to a Getting Ready for Equity™ event. The result? Helios connected with investors and raised over $4.2 million to grow and thrive. On top of adding 50 jobs to the ailing Northeast Ohio economy, Helios Coating proves that with a positive mission and the right connections, the future looks very bright indeed.